1 in 540 Could Be a Bone Marrow Match

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EUGENE, Ore. — A second round of bone marrow drives are taking place Monday to help find a match for baby Harlow. Harlow is suffering from a rare disease that can only be treated through a bone marrow transplant. 200 people showed up to the last drive in Eugene on Tuesday, hoping to help not only Harlow, but possibly others as well.

If you donate and you aren’t a match for Harlow, you could still help someone else in need. According to the national registry, bethematch.org, only one in every 540 people will go on to donate marrow to a patient. Your tissue type will stay in the registry until you’re 61 years old unless you opt out of the program, until then you could be notified at any time that you’re a match to possibly save a life anywhere in the country.

“The donor has to be very committed at the point because you could have a child that is severely immuno-compromised from lots of chemotherapy and without that bone marrow transplant, that child would not be able to survive,” said Amber Travis, PeaceHealth Pediatric Surgeon.

Family members are more likely to be a match and so are people with the same race as the recipient.

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