“100 Deadliest Days” for Teens

100 deadliest daysEUGENE, Ore. — Summer vacation is just around the corner for high school students but that time, falling between Memorial and Labor Day, is considered the most dangerous time for teen drivers.

According to Bactrack.com, a breathalyzer company, that time period is known as the “100 Deadliest Days” for teens.

Police and driving instructors at the Lane County Driving School say for teens, just keeping a few simple rules in mind can go a long way.

The US Department of Transportation found over 3,000 teens ages 13 through 19 died in car crashes in 2010. The Department of Health and Human Services estimated that same year, nearly six percent of drivers between 16 and 17 and 15 percent between 18 to 20, drank and drove.

Eugene police say common mistakes they see teenagers make are using a cell phone while driving and not obeying traffic laws.

“It’s fairly common. I think they represent probably a bigger chunk of the number of traffic violators than their demographic representation just because they’re inexperienced. They’re going to be more likely to make some of the traffic mistakes,” said Officer Ryan Stone with EPD.

He says he’s also arrested teens for drinking and driving as well.

Police say there are more teens on the road during the summer because school’s out.

They urge anyone behind the wheel to focused when driving and for parents to talk to their teens about driving safely


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