13th & Olive Residents Move In

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EUGENE, Ore. — Hundreds of students got settled into their new apartments, after moving into the Capstone complex called 13th & Olive Wednesday.

It was a busy day at the new 13th & Olive apartment complex. A stretch of Willamette Street was lined with moving trucks, as nearly 400 students moved into their brand new homes.

Car by car, nearly 50 volunteers unpacked cars and trucks filled with clothes, books and school supplies.

“It’s very exciting, you know downtown takes another step in its evolution,” said Pat Walsh, Capstone Spokesperson.

The new luxury apartments feature a large courtyard with an outdoor pool, a clubhouse and a workout room.

“What they’ve done is in order to keep the flow of traffic and congestion down along Willamette Street, as well as within 13th & Olive, is they’ve staggered the move in so the fifth floor started moving in at 8:00 this morning followed by the fourth floor,” Walsh said.

Right across the street from the new building sits Mom’s Pies.

“So you know we’re definitely excited about it and we know it’s gonna help; but we’re not sure until how long because you know we’re here, but how long until they find out about us,” said Jacob Egan, Mom’s Pies chef.

To try to draw in some of these students, the restaurant’s made some changes to its menu. The restaurant added a variety of grab and go breakfast foods and tried to make it a go to place to study.

“We added Wi-Fi, so hopefully you know if they’re getting busy with their roommates and want a little free time, get a cup of coffee for a dollar, sit down and just enjoy the Wi-Fi and do maybe some studying,” Egan said.

When it comes to the pies, the restaurant tends to draw people from an older demographic.

“Our age range is you know kind of from 30 up, you know, and the college student is kind of our hard demographic to find and get. So a lot of people aren’t too sure,” Egan said.

The sidewalk outside the shop has a sign advertising its new menu options in hopes students will become regular customers.

The second phase of the complex is still being constructed and is on schedule. Once it’s complete, 13th & Olive will be home to 1,300 college students.

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