15th Anniversary of Thurston Shooting

SPRINGFIELD, Ore — Tuesday marks a day that many residents of the Eugene/Springfield area remember vividly, the shooting at Thurston High School in Springfield.

In the early morning of May 21, 1998, 15 year-old Kip Kinkel shot and killed his parents before going to the school and opening fire in the cafeteria.

Two students were killed, and another 25 were injured before Kinkel was tackled to the ground by students and teachers.

Just last month, Kinkel, currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole, filed an appeal, asking an Oregon judge to throw out his sentence.

The State’s Attorney General office denied the appeal.


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  1. SAB says:

    I remember this day so vividly. It was right before Memorial Day weekend and we were preparing to go to Central Oregon with my then 10 month old niece. My cousins were 10 and 11 at the time and had heard about it, so we had a lot of talking and comforting to do when we got to their house.

    Even after 15 years, I find this tragedy so hard to wrap my mind around. I really hope that Kip is getting the help he needs. He made a horrible decision at a very young age, but he is guilty and has to live with the consequences of his actions.

  2. dahmersgirl says:

    kip kinkel is so hot! i feel so bad 4 him, he didn’t deserve that 111-year life sentence he got. i understand he did kill four ppl, but still, think about it this way, charles manson killed more than that and he is still coming up 4 parole hearings. if charles manson can come up 4 parole hearings, y not kip? it’s so unfair in that sense! rest in peace faith, william, ben walker, and mikael nicholauson, and good luck kip kinkel, 2! i hope kinkel is getting the help he needs!

  3. JakesDad says:

    Just 11 days after my own son was shot and killed.

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