16-Year-Old Killed on Oregon Dunes

WINCHESTER BAY, Ore. — A 16 year old boy was killed Thursday night after he crashed his KTM motorcycle into an ATV.

The crash occurred just after 7:30 p.m. at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area in Winchester Bay. The motorcycle was jumping over a dune when it collided with the ATV, which was coming up the other side.

The ATV was driven by a Christopher Cowan, 46, with Amy Cowan, 22, riding as a passenger. The Douglas County Sheriff’s office said the motorcycle’s driver was wearing a helmet, but received extensive injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. Amy Cowan was treated at Lower Umpqua Hospital for unknown injuries.

The motorcycle driver’s name is not being released until family can be notified.


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  1. Kendra Lind-Fox says:

    Your 5:00 news reported a 16 year old killed while riding an ATV and colliding with another ATV. I believe the boy was actually driving a motorcycle.

  2. E & C Mobile Fishing Supplies LLC says:

    Hey people you know fun doesn’t have to end with a injury or a death. That’s why you might think laws and rules are harsh, trust me I think that all the time but when I see or hear something stupid that caused a injury or death. My remark is do you have a brain and if you do the reason you didn’t use it is because it hurts to much. Now you probably wish you did. Saying sorry doesn’t fix the problem nor brings a life back.

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