18 Children Rescued from Sex Trafficking

child sex trafficking arrestAURORA, Colo. — Eighteen children in Colorado have been rescued in the FBI’s nationwide crackdown on child prostitution.

The feds arrested more than a dozen people accused of either selling kids for sex or paying to have sex with them.

According to police, two people were running a child sex operation on the other side of the Aurora Motel 6.

The victims: a 13 and 16-year-old girl. The 16-year-old even had a history of mental disorders.

Police say the girls were pimped out inside a third floor room after running away from home a week ago. That’s when they met 19-year-old Dandre Stephens and 20-year-old Brianna Crumbliss, who asked if the girls needed money. They answered yes, and the suspects told them how to get it.

Court records say Stephens and Crumbliss took pictures of the girls and posted them on sites like Craigslist and Backpage. Police found out about this when one of the girls got out and told officers what was going on. By then, the operation had moved to Crestwood Suites.

When officers arrived there, the other young girl started crying, saying she was scared of her pimps. She added that Stevens slapped her numerous times when she didn’t bring back enough money from “dates.”

Stephens and Crumbliss are two of 11 pimps the FBI arrested in Colorado as a part of something they call, Operation Cross Country, aimed at targeting child sex trafficking.

Running a prostitution business with runaway teens at busy hotels is something the FBI says should remind people how common this issue is.

“These aren’t far away kids in faraway lands. These are our kids, on our street corners, our truck stops, our motels, our casinos. These are America’s children,” said James Comey, FBI Director.

One hundred and sixty-eight kids were rescued in this roundup across the country. But Colorado tops the list, with the number of kids rescued and pimps arrested.

The FBI’s Denver division plans on holding a press conference about this operation on Wednesday.

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