19 People Hospitalized Due to Flu

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Lane County Public Health says a flu outbreak at an assisted living facility sickened 55 people. Nineteen of those were taken to the hospital.

The health department says the people were infected with Influenza Type A, which causes severe fever, cough, runny nose, nasal congestion and muscle and joint aches. It can also cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

The department is working with the facility to minimize the spread of the virus by conducting clinics, surveillance and giving vaccines.

To help minimize the spread of the flu, the health department says to wash your hands, cover your coughs and sneezes and throw away dirty tissues properly. Flu vaccines are also available at local medical clinics, pharmacies and the county health department.


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  1. cj says:

    and not “cover your cough and sneeze” with your hand..and then touch everything around you in your home, office and in public. Cough or sneeze into yoursleeve/upper elbow. It’s so rude to either not cover at all or do it into your hand and then spread your germs around on everything you touch. If you can’t be considerate you should either stay home or wear a mask. Everyone else doesn’t want your nasty germs. I get so frustrated at work with all those who can’t seem to even try to prevent from spreading their sickness.

    1. mh says:

      i know what you’re saying. when my child complained to a classmate to please stop coughing at my child’s face. the classmate just said “boohoo.” people can be so inconsiderate.

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