2 Arrested for Plan to Assault Teachers

Eugene Police

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police say two students at Willamette High School are in custody, accused of planning to assault a pair of teachers at the school.

Students at another school heard a rumor about students at Willamette planning to attack two teachers. They told their school resource officer who then coordinated with the resource officer at Willamette. They were able to identify the two male students.

Police credit the students who took the rumors seriously, and then excellent police work that was executed quickly and efficiently to make sure everyone was safe.

“All parts worked together smoothly so that we could track down the validity of the threat, and meanwhile, avoid any undue safety risks to the schools,” said Lt. Doug Mozan, Eugene Police Department.

Both students are minors, so police are not releasing their names. They were taken to the Serbu Juvenile Justice Center in Eugene on charges of first-degree conspiracy to commit assault and first-degree disorderly conduct.

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