2-year-old Attacked by Pit Bull

Dog AttackSPRINGFIELD, Ore. – A 2-year-old is in critical condition after a pit bull attack Sunday night.

Springfield Police say they responded to the 1100 block of Olympic Street at 5:48 p.m. They say a 2-year-old girl was attacked by the family dog, a large, male pit bull. Deputies say the child’s father was bitten in the face while trying to rescue his daughter.

The child was taken to McKenzie-Willamette Hospital, and then airlifted to Legacy Emmanuel Hospital in Portland.

The names of the victims has not been released.


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  1. Tom says:

    Oh yeah, what’s that I heard about the plight of Pit Bull owners who complain when the family pet gets shot by police because they started acting agressive towards “strangers”. Sad for the child that has parents whom would rather live in bliss and ignorance then deal with the reality of having such an amazingly powerful animal. Bet they will keep the dog and run those risks again. Stupid are the people whom believe in their own ignorance. Bet they wish there was a police officer with a gun nearby.

  2. Suzy Hager says:

    People with pit bulls shouldn’t have children in the same house. Pit bull lovers HATE to hear that sentence. They think it’s unfair to the breed.

    My daughter has three kids and has always had dogs. I was able to watch the interaction between children and dogs closely. It is brutal. The poor dogs just go through so much with children.

    Now google two things.

    1. german shepherd attacks on children
    2 pit bulls attack on children.

    German shepherd I saw one photo.
    Pit bulls LOTS of photos.

    How fair is it to even subject a child to the possibility? They have no choice in the matter.

  3. Cindy says:

    Prayers going up!

  4. Merritt Clifton says:

    Of the 4,953 dogs involved in fatal and disfiguring attacks on humans occurring in the U.S. & Canada since September 1982, when I began logging the data, 3,411 (68%) were pit bulls; 556 were Rottweilers; 4,247 (85%) were of related molosser breeds, including pit bulls, Rottweilers, mastiffs, bull mastiffs, boxers, and their mixes. Of the 567 human fatalities, 299 were killed by pit bulls; 87 were killed by Rottweilers; 430 (75%) were killed by molosser breeds. Of the 3,008 people who were disfigured, 2,090 (68%) were disfigured by pit bulls; 327 were disfigured by Rottweilers; 2,569 (84%) were disfigured by molosser breeds. Pit bulls–exclusive of their use in dogfighting–also inflict more than 70 times as many fatal and disfiguring injuries on other pets and livestock as on humans, a pattern unique to the pit bull class. Surveys of dogs offered for sale or adoption indicate that pit bulls and pit mixes are together less than 7% of the U.S. dog population; molosser breeds, all combined, are 9%.

  5. lorena says:

    Choose a different breed for your family dog. Family pit bulls are mauling children, sometimes to death, on an almost daily basis. The popularity of pit bulls is causing needless suffering and death across our nation. I have indeed done my research, have you?

  6. Mike Campo says:

    I head it was a LAB/HOUND mix…not a pitbull!! Why are you targeting a specific breed that was not even involved in this incident? Why spread “hype”? I feel very bad for this child, but please don’t use this child as a propaganda stage for anti-bully breed BS!

    1. Olivia Wyatt says:

      Mike Campo don’t fall for the lie that it was a Lab/Hound Mix. It was a pit bull. Please don’t protect pit bulls when their killing so many people all the time. So many many victims are maimed for life. What would you say to a victim with no arms?

  7. Thomas McCartney says:

    Dogs are not humans, there is every reason to be threatened by a pit bull just because of what it is, no different then it would be to feel threatened by ANY bear, lion, tiger, wolverine, cobra etc. that you encountered, if they charged you then there would be justification to kill any of them if you were carrying, same thing with a pit bull, any pit pit bull.

    You can no more be biased or prejudiced against any pit bull then you can be so against any bear, lion, tiger, wolverine, cobra etc. so that is an absurd argument on the part of the nutters.

    That 6% of the dog population carries out 70%+ of the killings, mauling, crippling, disfiguring and dismembering attacks to such a disproportionate extent speaks for itself and to the genetic truth and reality that exists in any pit bull type dog, it is what it is and does what is in it’s DNA.This has been breed into them over 600 years and is their truth, they must therefore become extinct.

    Any other dog will bite and run giving you a few stitches, a pit bull will not stop till you are DEAD.What about that do you not understand, the difference between another dog’s bite and a pit bulls mauling and dismembering, disfiguring and killing.

  8. Animal Lover says:

    Believe it or not, local Pit Bull apologists are already mobilizing to minimize the impact of this incident on the breed’s reputation. Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/562457783876281/ for details. Non-Facebook users can get more details at http://eugene.craigslist.org/vnn/4647455819.html.

  9. Jason says:

    This is why dogs end up getting shot rather than take the risk of calming it down. Where are all the outraged people now?

  10. Ronnie Lucero says:


    The mother of the little girl, of the victim, has posted THIS on her Facebook page – THIS is a direct quote:

    “Codie was attacked by mom’s dog. Jasper the half hound/lab mix. We arent sure why.”

    Where and what is the truth here?

  11. ChrisS says:

    The blame can usually be placed fairly on the dog owners. Certain breeds of dogs which are often accused of being dangerous are usually owned by a certain type of person.

  12. Ireadthe kezi story says:

    Springfield police say the pit bull left the child with head injuries, leaving her in critical condition. Police say the father took the injured girl to McKenzie-Willamette Hospital, where she was later flown to Legacy Emmanuel Portland.
    Investigators say after the father pried the pit bull off of the child. It then bit him in the face, causing him to need stitches.
    A relative at the home confirmed the two dogs were seized from the home—a pit bull and a lab-collie mix—and it was the pit bull that attacked the child.

  13. Thomas McCartney says:

    Simply put, border collies do not herd sheep because they are raised on sheep farms; rather, they are raised on sheep farms because they herd. In addition pointers point, retrievers retrieve, and mastiffs guard, all because those traits are part of their breed expectations, meaning strong and continuous selection in the underlying breeding program ”

    Simply put Pit bulls do not attack because they are raised with dog fighters and drug dealers, dog fighters and drug dealers use pit bulls because they attack!

    It is their nature, their genetic truth and reality.!!

    It is not how you raise them rather it is simply what they are.!!

    Just like sled dogs run and pull, it is just their nature.!

    A pit bull type dog is what it is and does what it is.You can no more alter it genetic makeup then you can a collies to herd, a hounds to track, a retriever’s to retrieve, a labs to swim, a pointers to point, a sled dog to run and pull.

    They do what they are and a pit bull type dog is a mauling violent killer that has been bred to be a land shark, nothing you do can change that, even if you have them from birth.

    No matter if you love them, or how you nurture, train, rehabilitate, raise them optimally as normal dogs from birth, you can not change their Genetic reality to Kill, Maul, Maim, Disfigure, Dismember, cause Life Flights or trips to the Intensive Care Unit.

    For over 600 years the current pit bull type dog was brought into being through careful selective genetic breeding to create the most violent murderous fighting dog possible

  14. Thomas McCartney says:

    No matter what you identify them as or what you choose to call them if any dog has pit bull genetics in it then the outcome of said genetics are always the same, death, mauling’s, crippled and disfigured victims when their DNA is expressed into reality which it invariably will be the case.

    So you can call them something else to protect them but they are still pit mixes who are what they are and do what they do, who as a result have no right to ever come into human contact.

    Pit bull or Pit bull cross, same difference same outcome same reality as to what they are.

    And all Pit bulls or restricted dogs including pit bull crosses by law should have leashes and Muzzles which they never have and all to often you seem them running around as such unmuzzled, this is an even greater problem then them being unleashed and that is bad enough

    Certain breeds like Pit bulls etc.are fundamentally evil in nature and action and do not deserve the freedom of action to carry out their DNA.

    The point is, other dogs bite, Pit bulls and Pit bull crosses and others like mastiffs, Rotts etc. attack and kill and maim, that is the big difference in the outcome and should result in a completely different attitude towards these dogs and why they should be banned outright. The stats are very clear and accurate and show this reality even if you want to put your head in the sand, it still is what it is.

    2/3 of the fatalities by pit bull type dogs in 2013 were the actual family members of the pit bull who had been raised from a pup in optimal conditions, these are facts that are documented.

  15. Thomas McCartney says:

    Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings, U.S. & Canada, September 1982 to May.25, 2013.

    By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2013, Merritt Clifton, editor of Animal People, shows the breeds most responsible for serious injury and death.

    Study highlights

    Pit bull type dogs make up only 6% of all dogs in the USA.

    The combination of Pit Bulls, rottweilers, their close mixes and wolf hybrids and other Pit Bull Type Dogs:

    84% of attacks that induce bodily harm.

    75% of attacks to children.

    87% of attack to adults.

    72% of attacks that result in fatalities.

    80% that result in maiming

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