2012 Duck Race: Helping Parents Succeed

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Michael and Deborah Fiock were at their wit’s end. They’re experienced parents who, after raising seven children, faced an unforeseen challenge in their eighth.

“[He] has problems with behavior and did not work in the regular school system,” said Deborah.

The couple knew about The Child Center and reached out for help.

“We knew there had to be a way to reach past that shell and get to him,” Michael explained.

It’s a frustration felt by many parents whose children are treated at the center, according to mental health assessment director Corey Jackson.

“A lot of the parents we work with — particularly those in the parenting group — it’s a wide variety of parents. Challenging kids are challenging kids, regardless of income level or socio-economic level or education level of parents,” he said.

The Fiocks met those other parents in classes offered by the center.

“We’ve gone through this class, what, twice now?” Michael asked his wife, who returned with a quick, “And we’d do it again.”

“We’ll be doing it again,” Michael affirmed. “Because there’s so much to learn, but there’s also so much to un-learn.”

The classes that helped the Fiocks so much are available to more parents thanks to the Great Rotary Duck Race.

Adds Mark Beach, a child and family therapist at the center: “It brings a topic — child abuse — to the forefront of people’s minds in a lot of different ways.”

Find out how to buy a ticket by clicking here.

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