Burglars Break into Lane Events Center

EUGENE, Ore. — Wild Duck Catering at the Lane County Fairgrounds was the victim of a late night break-in.

Employees who arrived to open up shop Tuesday morning were greeted by the unwelcome sight.

Eugene police officers were quickly called to the scene to investigate. They said it appears that the culprits used an ax to help them get in.

The suspects hacked into a key box just outside the doors. Once they got the keys, they went inside and proceeded to loot what they could, but not without leaving a big mess behind them, including the very tools they used with their own fingerprints and DNA.

“Judging by the quantity of evidence left on scene, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll find someone that did this,” said Officer Nathan Bryce, Eugene Police Department.

Police say the thieves stole some alcohol and possibly some other items. An estimate of the damages is still being determined.

The business was closed for a portion of the day to allow officers to collect evidence for their investigation.

If you have any information on this incident, contact the Eugene Police Department.

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