24 Injured in Pennsylvania Stabbing

4-9 breakingMURRYSVILLE, Penn. (CNN) — A mass stabbing at Franklin Regional Senior High School in suburban Pennsylvania has left 24 injured.

There are no fatalities, but a few students remain in critical condition.

The attack occurred shortly after 7 a.m. Eastern time and lasted roughly five minutes.

“The freshman who was on the ground and got attacked stood up and lifted up his shirt and you could see he was hit with a knife and was gushing blood everywhere,” said Mia Meixner, a student who witnessed attack.

The suspect is 16-year-old Alex Hribal, a sophomore at the school. He was arraigned before a magistrate Wednesday afternoon and a source tells us he is being charged as an adult with attempted homicide.

“I can tell you what we saw when we got there was a hallway that was pretty much in chaos, as you can imagine. A lot of evidence of blood on the floors and the hallway,” said Chief Thomas Seefeld, Murray Police Department.

Investigators say the assistant principal tackled the suspect to the ground. And along with the principal, a resource officer, and a security guard, they subdued the suspect.

“There are a number of heroes on this day. Many of them are students. And I want you to write that down. Students who stayed with their friends and did not leave their friends,” said Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett.

And for those students and families in this community, the focus turns to healing both physical and emotional wounds.

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