28 Arrests in “Operation Gold Card”

HandcuffsKLAMATH COUNTY, Ore. — The Klamath County Sheriff’s Department has made 28 arrests so far in the investigation they are calling “Operation Gold Card.”

The investigation revealed suspects using their Oregon Trail Card at a store front called “Mi Pueblo” on East Main in Klamath Falls. Funds would be charged to people’s cards, but instead of getting food, the shop was allegedly giving people cash.

Law enforcement is seeking at least 30 more suspects.

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  1. Jim B says:

    What welfare fraud in the state of oregon. How are hundreds of thousands of people going to make a living if we stop welfare fraud. I for one am tired of being overtaxed so that so many can live off a broken system, more interested in continuing to hand out my hard earned money to losers rather than work on getting them a job. No work, no welfare. Let’s work to make it a no free hand out nation. You want my money, do something to earn it.

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