2nd Cougar Trapped, Euthanized in Eugene

Cougar PrintEUGENE, Ore. — For the second time in about a week, wildlife experts trapped a cougar near Hendricks Park. They think there could be more lurking.

The trappings came after a cougar killed several goats and chickens. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says both of the large cats were euthanized.

Wildlife experts discovered the second cougar last week. The ODFW found finding fresh cougar tracks at the location of the livestock damage.

A trail camera then revealed the presence of a third cougar. The ODFW will leave a trap set in the area for several days should the cougar return.

Wildlife experts urge hikers and residents to use caution. They say people should keep their dogs on a leash, because the cougar could still be in the area.


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  1. Kim Maynard says:

    Isn’t there a zoo or animal preserve somewhere that could have taken the cougers?

  2. rick mumpower says:

    No reason to take a dead cougar to a zoo. It might offend people

  3. D says:

    I keep on getting told that you people should stop moving into the cougar habitat and that motion lights and fences will solve this problem according to the idiotic people at fish and wildlife

  4. RB says:

    Take them to a wilderness area where they will do as nature intended – keeping the wildlife in balance. ODFW idiots.

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