35 Jail Beds Cut

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EUGENE, Ore. — A lot of happiness was coming from the inmates. Some saw their sentences reduced drastically.

Meanwhile, those working in the jail are growing more frustrated by the day.

The jail doors opened Thursday morning and out walked a large group of inmates. All beaming because their time behind bars was cut short.

“Absolutely, I am ecstatic,” said inmate Romeo Retzman.

“I’m happy because I smoke cigarettes and I also have a prescription that’s a pain medication that they were not giving it to me,” said Adam Hyland.

The funding crisis forced another 35 beds to be cut.

Thursday 32 inmates were released–five were put on electronic surveillance.

The U.S. Marshals Office couldn’t rent as many beds, resulting in a loss of revenue for the jail.

“If we didn’t close the beds that we closed today by the end of the fiscal year, we would have been $800,000 in the hole,” said Captain Greg Fox.

Captain Fox says a number of the inmates were in on assault, robbery and even sex offender charges.

“As we get smaller, the people that we are releasing are even more dangerous than the ones before,” Fox said.

“I think being cut is a blessing, but it may be a curse that there are more criminals and crime is going to be more consistent,” Hyland said.

“I saw a lot of the people who were let go last week that have violent charges against them and they are continually violent,” Retzman said.

And that’s the frustration for those working in booking. The faces that get booked are starting to look the same.

“It’s work they have to do knowing later in the day they will probably be letting those same people out,” Fox said.

“I’ve been here 140 times,” said Melvin Bradshaw.

Two of the people let out were jailed on 60-day sentences. One got out in 13, and the other just two days.

“I think all of the releases should worry people,” Fox said.

Now down to 135, those working at the jail just hope this is at low as it goes.

Along with the cuts came layoffs for three deputies. Their last day is Friday.

Fox says he talked to them and of course they are shocked and saddened especially since this is so close to the holidays.


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  1. jason marks says:

    just close the stupid jail and be done with it. It is a complete joke and at this point, a waste of money. They just released a bunch of people a few weeks ago, using the federal marshal problem as an excuse. I think they said the federal rented beds was 53 and they cut over 100. Now the sheriff is using the federal marshal excuse again to cut 32 more….. the whole thing is LIES by the sheriff’s office.

    What a COMPLETE joke, the sheriff’s office is. And a waste of money, we should just close the sheriff’s office completely, they don’t do anything but waste money.

    so there, b_itch about that. !

  2. tammy says:

    i think that if they release people in there for dumb azz crap is great they should keep the more vilolent one’s in there the rapest murders and shi like that

  3. Bill says:

    Just cut half of the jail administration staff and you can open up some of those jail beds again. Lane County treats their managers and administration like a bunch of sacred cows. They would rather let go criminals and try to scare the public with a bunch propaganda, than cut loose with some of their own bloated staff. Look around the state and see how some of the other counties staff their facilities and it will make you sick to see how terrible Lane County is run. Until they wake up and show the public that they can responsibly handle our tax money, nobody will give them another penny.

  4. Clyde from Glide says:

    The city counsel is one sad case of “We can do our own little schemes” better with other peoples money so we can have a nice legacy. Screw the voters, they’ll never know what is going on. That is what you get for re-electing kitty.

  5. Robert Jacobs says:

    Don’t blame the inmates, the powers that be have been spending without any concern for a rainy day. Well guess what, its pouring! This is a management or County and City problem! These so-called government officials are the people who are responsible! They have mis-managed funds for the beginning of time to date and now they are jumping on the bandwagon crying foul. Which includes the Sheriff’s department, the Police department and the Jail! They spend insane amounts of money mostly on over time and then cry when the taxpayer well runs dry!

    If you don’t like your jobs quit and sell shoes for a living.


  6. Rich says:

    I read where one of the prisoners released yesterday went straight out and robbed a bank. Law enforcement in Eugene is a joke. We have a multi-million dollar country club for the police, but we don’t have a place for the criminals. Remember that when they ask for more tax dollars.

  7. itsivxx says:

    This is how is should be done. Holding them 5 hours or 90 days will stop them from wanting to rob someone or wanting to do their drug of choice. If these people are killers, even after holding them in a prison for 25 years, most of them will likely come out and kill again because prison life will be all they know.
    They all should be arrested and released depending on the reason for being arrested of course.
    Legalize marijuana! Its will lower the population being held in the jail and prison system and it would bring BIG money to the state. That money could be applied where funding is needed. I am now traveling over to Washington to pick up my needs, more dollars leaving Oregon…what a shame!

  8. karl fuller says:

    this is a punishment ploy by the sheriff yo beg us for more money? if they turn people loose to steel from us we will give them more money?? just get out you guns folks and call the sheriff after there laying there it will only take 1 or 2 and the crooks will get the idea.

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