43 People Near UO Campus Sent to Jail

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Police Department stepped up their patrol efforts around the University of Oregon campus this weekend. EPD says the focused patrols near the university, led to dozens of arrests and citations related to campus partying.

EPD says 43 people were booked into the Lane County Jail for party related crimes in the university area, nearly a third were University of Oregon students.

On Friday night, 24 people were cited and taken to jail. Among the citations were 12 for open container, 20 minor in possession of alcohol, nine for furnishing alcohol to minors and nearly 20 more related to noise complaints and other violations or crimes.

On Saturday night, 19 people were booked, including 12 for open container, seven minor in possession of alcohol and three citations for interfering with police. Other crimes included trespassing and possession of marijuana, all of which were UO students.

EPD say the numbers are high but not unexpected.

“At the beginning of the year we always have a high concentration of arrests and offenses because people don’t all know what the rules and expectations are,” said Eugene Police Department Lt. Doug Mozan.

EPD says officers are not looking for parties, but are mostly responding to calls and complaints. They say this year it’s directing campus patrols in a more efficient and cost effective way.

EPD says being proactive will help curb potential riots, which end up stealing the resources of the department away from other citizens.


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  1. Jason Marks says:

    GOOD, arrest more of them.

    Thanks Springfield for the use of the jail.!

  2. Waste of tax $ says:

    Still don’t understand why the police don’t spend their time dealing with the drug crimes and meth addicts littered all over Eugene, instead of arresting (mostly) harmless drunk college students, which is a huge waste of money. Eugene is a college town, without the college, the town would have nothing.

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