458 Area Code Popping Up

EUGENE, Ore. — Don’t be surprised if you see a new area code popping up on local numbers.

It’s been two years since the Oregon Public Utility Commission created “458” to cover most the state from Lane County south. But the number’s only just starting to get assigned.

The area code “458” replaces “541” since there are fewer of those available. A commission spokesman says most of the “458” numbers are landlines, but a few cell customers opted for it too.

“Since we’ve been doing the 458’s I can’t tell you how many I’ve done, not many. I’d say probably under 10, personally,” said Jeff Huebner, AT&T Store Manager.

Huebner said his store assigned about 100 of the new area codes in the past year, but a lot of customers are wary of an unfamiliar code.

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