Faerieworlds Opens at Mt. Pisgah

EUGENE, Ore. — Twelve years strong, the annual Faerieworlds kicked off today at Mt. Pisgah.

The event melds together folk music and dance with fantasy-inspired entertainment.

Faerieworlds is the second-largest festival in Eugene, attracting thousands of guests from across the U.S., Canada and even Europe. Organizers say the event allows visitors to explore different world spectrums.

“That’s probably why everyone comes here is to just be themselves and be around people in a safe environment where no one’s judging them,” said Kristen Nedopack, Co-host of Faerieworlds.

Faerieworlds runs through the weekend from noon to midnight Saturday and noon to 9 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are on sale at the gate.

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