4J Aims to Increase Graduation Rates

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EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon’s new Chief Education Officer wants local school districts to step up their goals. A review of the state’s largest districts shows most only aim to improve student achievement by a percentage point a year.

While some schools set their sights low, here in Eugene 4J and Springfield administrators say they’re working to push their students and themselves. Looking just at graduation rates, Springfield wants to up its numbers by 3 or 4 percent this next year. The 4J district wants to increase graduation rates by 5 percent this year and is shooting to be at a 100 percent within the next ten years.

That’s four years before the state hopes to hit that same goal.

4J administrators say the Oregon Education Chief is giving schools motivation, “I think he’s extending a challenge to all of us. It’s a challenge, in his role, he has to set. It’s important for him to have us to aspire to higher goals.” said SHeldon Berman, 4J Superindentent.

Each of the districts said this educational reform is a collaborative effort and hopes that the state recognizes the importance of social and financial investment in the future of the state’s students for it to be truly successful.

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