4J Approves Bond, Moves to Ballot

EUGENE, Ore. — After months of speculation and debate, the 4J School District has decided to move forward with a $170 million bond.

It’s makes the third bond measure now on the May ballot for thousands of Eugene voters to decide.

If approved, the money will be used to help carry out the district’s long-range facilities plan.

The unanimous vote came after much public comment.

Along with building three new schools, the money would help improve technology and security at schools throughout the district.

Going forward, a community group will take on a campaign to try and secure the votes needed to pass the bond measure.

“The quality of education really represents the life blood of a community,” 4J Superintendent Dr. Sheldon Berman said after the meeting. “The attractiveness of a community and actually the economic viability of a community, and investing in education makes a difference for all of us and the quality of life.”

The district will serve as fact providers leading up to the May election and will answer questions that voters might have.

The county and city have already placed their own initiatives on the May ballot.

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