4J Board Approves Civic Sale to Eugene

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EUGENE, Ore. — The future of historic Civic Stadium is now in the hands of the city of Eugene. Every single member of the 4J School Board said this was a very difficult decision to make. But in the end, the city’s offer would bring money to the district the quickest, which is why six of the seven board members voted in favor of the city’s offer.

The board said the city’s offer had the least financial risks and would benefit the community. The Eugene YMCA and Fred Meyer were the other two players in the running to acquire the stadium.

Another key part of the discussion was preserving the historic ballpark. Eugene City Councilor George Brown said this is a move in the right direction, but there’s still more work to be done to finalize the sale.

“The really hard work starts now raising that $3 million for the rehabilitation of the property,” said Brown.

“I really do think it is possible that this is a great opportunity for making our city stronger,” said Jennifer Gellar, 4J School Board member.

With this approval the city now has nine months to come up with a concrete plan for the stadium’s future.

Brown said he’s hopeful they’ll find financial backers during that time. The school board said it’s hopeful they’ll find financial backers during those nine months.

And even though Fred Meyer didn’t get the board’s vote, it’s still hopeful to expand in South Eugene. Its offer included building a boutique style store and housing, and would’ve brought in $5.25 million to the 4J district.

The retailer said it hasn’t found any other properties it’s interested in in that area of town.

“But if there’s another opportunity whenever it is in the future for that piece of land we’ll definitely be interested in it, it’s a great spot,” said Melinda Merrill, Fred Meyer spokesperson.

The retailer said if the property were to become available in nine months, it would get back in the game to purchase the property.

The school board also said it hopes the YMCA will be able to find another property to expand its facilities.


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  1. Jim Mackin says:

    The City of Eugene can’t even afford to fix the potholes in our streets, so where do these libtards in the City Council expect to raise the $3M to purchase this old run-down baseball stadium, and for what purpose ??

  2. gayle says:

    Hurray! Let’s make this a great recreation site. Thanks 4J for making the right decision for all of us.

  3. Gail C says:

    Kudos to the city counsel for this decision. Preserving the stadium is the right thing to do.

    1. Jim Mackin says:

      This decision was made by the 4J District School board, NOT by the Eugene City Council…Now that 4J had decided to accept the offer from the City of Eugene, it will be up to the City Council to approve the purchase, and somehow find the $3M for the purchase — without any kind of a vote from the tax paying public !!

  4. John Paul says:

    So the city and 4j are constantly screaming for more tax dollars, because they are broke and cant teach or feed kids or pay for high dollar retirements etc…but at the drop of a hat can plop five and a quarter million dollars for an eyesore ball park with no public vote at all…..This truly is Moscow on the Willamette.

  5. Ciao says:

    Ciao civic stadiumm.. The city always want to muscle their ways and like politicians don’t deliver. And then sale it for pennies to a developer so only the privilege make money. Same with EWEB property they wanted and they want to pay Penni’s and sale it later and only few will make money. City of Eugene is turning like the mob….

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