4J Board Denies Civic Bid Extension

EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School District decided not to extend the deadline for the Civic Stadium bidding process. The decision means the deadline to submit a bid remains Dec. 3.

The vote came Tuesday night in a special session. Board members say rumors had surfaced that more bidders for Civic Stadium would come forward if the deadline was extended until mid-January.

Local attorney Art Johnson says he thinks at least two more bidders would submit a proposal. Those potential bidders weren’t revealed. After a discussion, the board voted 4-3 to deny the extension.

“Each member had their own opinion about why they should or shouldn’t vote to delay,” said 4J Board Chair Mary Walston. “In the end the majority of the board decided not to delay the deadline.”

“We’ve cut off the opportunity to consider what other options could be there, and I think those options could be very different than what’s on the board now,” said Johnson.

Part of the argument against the extension was an issue of fairness, especially for those who may have already created a proposal. At least two parties, a Fred Meyer group and a YMCA group, are believed to be interested in buying Civic.

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