4J Board Discusses Facilities’ Future

EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School Board is finally ready to start talking about the next step in revamping its long-range facilities plan.

After months of gathering input from the community, board members Thursday discussed potential recommendations. They reviewed their facilities goals and provided their own input in light of all the information they’ve gathered.

During the meeting, members analyzed community input from the forums to refine their goals for the facilities plan. One of the issues that came up repeatedly was the importance of the support and trust of the community, and that to gain or maintain that the district’s message around facilities work needed to be clear.

“We’re trying to communicate out why we’re looking at facilities and what’s our long-term vision for what we’re trying to do and what makes a difference to improving educational outcomes,” said Anne Marie Levis, School Board Member.

No decisions were made during this meeting. There will be another work session to further discuss the plan’s timeline next month.

The main goal was to provide the superintendent with information so that he can eventually present formal recommendations to the school board. When that will happen is still being decided.

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