4J Bond Supporters Canvas For Support

EUGENE, Ore. — Parents, teachers, grandparents and kids hit the pavement Saturday to raise awareness about the 4J bond measure on the May ballot.

The supporters of the bond measure walked door to door in a North Eugene neighborhood, explaining what the bond measure would do if it was passed. Supporters say they chose to canvas in North Eugene because two of the area’s elementary schools would be rebuilt if the measure passed.

In addition to replacing a few schools, supporters said every school in the 4J district would benefit from the bond measure.

“So this bond measure is something that we really need to do for our schools because some of them, a lot of them, have essential repairs that they need; a lot of them need security upgrades and so many of the schools need new computers and technology,” said Joy Marshall, a 4J parent.

Supporters of the bond measure say they’re confident it will pass because it’s something that would support education in Eugene.


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  1. ahshucks says:

    Rebuilding two new schools is exactly why I’m voteing no. In hard times like it is now you don’t need to spend money on two new schools. Please pull your heads out of the sand and smell your budget.

  2. jason marks says:

    For some stupid reason, when one bond passes, everyone jumps on board and they for some moronic reason think that tax payers want a dozen new bonds on their tax statements.

    Where do you think this money comes from anyway, certainly we don’t pull out out of our rear ends.

    One bond writer votes no on everyone else’s bond, not taking into consideration that poor fiscal management is not caused by voters.

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