4J Considers Bond Measure

EUGENE, Ore. — Taxpayers could be looking at a third bond measure in the next year. The 4J School District has been talking about updating its facilities for more than a year now, even reaching out to the community for input.

“We’ve been talking about facilities improvements for over a year now, working towards decisions about what we should do next, but we can’t make major improvements to our buildings without a bond measure that’s approved by voters,” said Kerry Delf, 4J Spokeswoman.

Administrators will be discussing the possibility of a bond measure on the May or November ballot at their Wednesday night’s meeting. The meeting will just be a discussion; a decision will be made by March.

Administrators also say people have been supportive of making renovations, but the work needs funding they hope folks will also be behind.

“If we had to use our operating dollars to pay for improvements to buildings or technology or curriculum, that would have a negative impact on the classroom. If those funds instead can be provided by a separate source of funds such as a bond measure then we don’t have that hit on the classroom,” said Kerry Delf, 4J Spokeswoman.

The money would also go towards other things such as classroom technology or even newer buses.

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  1. jason marks says:


    The city wants a tax. …
    The county wants a tax
    The school district wants a tax.
    EWEB goes up..
    Payroll Tax goes up.

    What you will get is NO NO NO.

    It isn’t……. when it rains it pours, better get out in the rain.

    Do you foolishly think we are going to say yes , yes, yes.

    Do without

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