4J Discusses Facilities Plan

EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School District will take up the discussion Wednesday night about whether a bond measure on either the May or November ballot is the way to go to fix up district buildings.

4J is projecting a budget shortfall as high as $16 million in part because of a lack of state funding.

The superintendent made some preliminary recommendations for the long range facilities plan that include asking voters to approve two bond measures over the coming decade.

At the discussion they will only talk about one bond measure in the form of a property tax. As proposed, the cost to the average homeowner in the school district would be about $42 a year.

Bonds funds can’t be used to pay for teachers and other operating expenses, but they can pay for buildings and materials.

“The first bond measure could include rebuilding or renovating schools, replacing some classroom technology, some curriculum across all schools in the district improving schools at a number of schools,” said Kerry Delf, 4J Spokeswoman.

Lane County and the City of Eugene are also looking at property tax measures to be placed on the ballot. 4J says that will be part of its conversation when considering which ballot to put this on.

No vote is expected Wednesday night on whether to put this on the ballot, and a decision technically doesn’t have to be made until late February or early March

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