4J Discusses Future of Properties

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EUGENE, Ore. — Starting next week, the 4J School District will hold a series of public meetings to talk about the future of its buildings.

Cesar Chavez Elementary School is a fairly new building. Built in 2004, the 4J District says it’s a much better teaching space for its students, but the same can’t be said of many of the other properties that they own.

The campus isn’t even a decade old yet, but many of the district’s school buildings are and then some.

4J says most of the buildings were built in the ’40s or ’60s and they just aren’t cutting it anymore. Classrooms at places like Roosevelt Middle School don’t fit modern-day teaching techniques and need some serious attention. A consultant evaluated the buildings last school year, and 4J says it’s now ready for public input on an issue that affects more than just the schools.

“If we were to decide it was time to replace school buildings, it’s something that’s going to be funded by our community. If somebody lives in a neighborhood, whether or not they have a student in the school, the quality of the school, the quality of the school building affects them,” said Kerry Delf, 4J Communications Coordinator.

All the information gathered will eventually be presented to the board, which will ultimately decide the next step.

So if you want to put your two cents in, the first of the four meetings will be held on Thursday, September 27 at 7 p.m. at the Cesar Chavez Elementary School cafeteria.

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