4J Discusses Land Sale

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EUGENE, Ore. — As 4J prepares to rebuild part of its aging infrastructure — in the process — it may make way for a new Eugene family YMCA.

The district’s debating whether to sell part of the land where the current Roosevelt Middle School sits — to the YMCA.

It seems there’s an understanding of what steps the board must take in order to come to a decision by June.

At their meeting Wednesday night — there was only one question from the board on the topic of the sale.

That came from board member Anne Marie Levis, wondering how the purchase price will be determined, which depends a lot on on what the YMCA would offer.

Talks about the YMCA purchasing the 6-acre plot of land have been going on for some time.

The district will replace 4J middle school by the fall of 2016 and then they’ll tear down the old building, leaving a piece of the property open for a possible new YMCA.

The YMCA’s Executive Director says they’ve received encouraging signs.

“We’re out in the community a lot, people who aren’t members and they really see this as a great value a great experience and great opportunity for collaboration between a public organization and a private not for profit,” said YMCA Executive Director, Dave Perez.

The school board must review proposed findings — which include how the YMCA would benefit families and students.

School board members will hold a public hearing May 21st for community input and plan to make a decision on the sale on June 4th.

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