4J Has Civic Proposals in Hand

EUGENE, Ore. — The deadline for proposals to buy, lease or trade for Civic Stadium has come and gone.

There are four players in the running to the acquire the property. As expected, the city of Eugene, a Fred Meyer group, and the Eugene Family YMCA all submitted proposals. The fourth submission came from the group Friends of Civic Stadium.

The offers ranged from $4 million for the YMCA to $5 million from Fred Meyer. The City of Eugene split the difference at $4.5 million.

Friends of Civic Stadium came in a bit lower at $16.56. It says this is the current value of a dollar from 1938. That’s how much 4J paid the City of Eugene to acquire the facility.

While the dollar amount of the proposals varies here, the school board isn’t just looking at the bottom line.

“The school board has said the financial considerations are very important. But they also wanted to take into account other factors such as neighborhood compatibility, other benefits to the school district, (and) other benefits to the community,” said Kerry Delf, 4J spokeswoman.

The district says the school board members have access to all of these proposals. They expect to get an update on them Wednesday.

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