4J Jobs on the Line

February 3, 2011

By Gia Vang

EUGENE, Ore. — The cuts mean more than a hundred staff members and teachers will lose their jobs.

The district says by cutting staff, class sizes will inevitably increase.

But the moves would save the district anywhere from $8.6 million to $11 million.

Those savings equate to laying off 55 to 84 teachers and cutting 62 administrative staff members.

District Spokesperson Kerry Delf says all schools will find out on Feb. 23 how many positions will remain.

She says then the district will figure out which staff will fill each position.

But Delf says just because a school is closing doesn’t mean all those teachers at that school will be laid off.

“Teachers are placed in those positions on what they’re qualified and licensed to teach, how long they’ve been with the district and other factors.  But it’s a complicated process, and we won’t have those answers for some time yet,” Delf said.

Delf says they do expect to send notices of potential layoffs by the end of the school year.

The district will ask schools to develop two staffing plan scenarios for next fall.

They say they need two plans due to all the unknowns, like negotiations with the teachers union and the possibility of a city income tax for schools.

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