4J May Withdraw from ESD

EUGENE, Ore — The 4J School District is looking to withdraw from the Lane Educational Service District.

School board members voted Wednesday to send an intent to the state for this withdrawal. A bill passed last year allows for districts to withdraw.

4J Superintendent Dr. Sheldon Berman says the intent to withdraw is about providing better services for special education students.

Dr. Berman also says this move would bring those students into the district. 4J teachers would then take over teaching duties.

The district will also receive additional funding by withdrawing, to the tune of about $5.3 million, and $4.3 million will go toward the special education programs.

“I think it’s the right thing to do,”added Dr. Berman. “I think it is the right thing for the ESD. To some degree we are so large that to actually serve us orients or disorients the services.”

The deadline to withdraw is Nov. 1.

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