4J Nears Pushing $170M Bond to Ballot

EUGENE, Ore. — For the first time, the 4J School District tipped its hand as it considered how to replace several of its aging schools.

The superintendent recommended the board push a $170 million bond to the May ballot. The money would be used to replace Jefferson Middle School, River Road Elementary and Howard Elementary. It would also improve security districtwide and provide technology improvements.

The school board has the ultimate decision on the bond and is expected to make the call next week.

“We’ve talked to many members of the community,” said Kerry Delf, 4J Spokeswoman. “There is a really strong idea that these really are the areas that we need to start where our highest priority should be.”

The recommendation comes after months of public comment and district consideration.

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  1. Postone says:

    How about the powers that be (and all employees) take a 10% pay cut and and no raises for ten years…

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