4J Parents Protest Common Schedule

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EUGENE, Ore. — Parents are taking on the 4J School District. They want it to reconsider the high school common schedule.

While schools have spent the last year prepping for the big change come next fall, the group of parents is hoping to get the district to change its mind now.

In some schools students have already signed up for classes for next year. But despite that fact, many kids along with their parents believe this whole decision was made unfairly and that’s why they’re speaking out now.

According to some 4J parents, many thought that Churchill High School’s change was just a test.

“We were waiting to see what happened at Churchill,” said 4J parent Jane Cramer.

But it wasn’t just a trial run.

“And then we heard it’s happening,” Cramer said.

Though 4J says parents had plenty of times to voice their opposition, but the parents say the immediate change wasn’t made clear. And while it may seem late, they reacted quickly.

“Very quickly before spring break, people started protesting at almost every school board meeting,” Cramer said.

Worked up parents have already formed a group hoping to get the district to at least delay the common schedule.

“This is what we call a top-down fait accomplis, meaning that the administration did this, did it quickly without real teacher and parent input,” Cramer said.

And they’re not happy about it, and their kids aren’t either.

“It’s a bummer because I think we could have had a good year if we worked all these issues out beforehand…The administrators and counselors, I just don’t know how they’re going to work all this out over the summer,” said South Eugene High School sophomore Phacelia Cramer.

“The most frustrating part is that we didn’t really have a say in it. The students and the teachers didn’t really have a say in it, and I guess that’s what is really hard about it because we are doing well academically,” said South Eugene High School junior Mia Goodman.

Though the fight appears it will continue, a few students wonder if it’s worth it.

“At this point I’ve kind of accepted it to be reality. Maybe in a few years or somewhere down the road it would work better,” Goodman said.

Regardless of how things turn out, they hope that this will be a learning experience for everyone.

“In the future I hope we have more communication,” Phacelia Cramer said.

Some staff at Churchill say the transition was tough initially, but it seems everyone has warmed up to it. Some teachers report better work from students, but have noted less prep time for teachers.

4J says it’s been working to do this for a long time now. Some parents believe it may be easier to just wait a little longer before implementing a common schedule, but 4J administrators to go back now would not be a simple task.

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