4J Plans to Renovate or Rebuild

EUGENE, Ore. — A number of 4J schools could be getting a facelift. The Eugene School Board will make a decision in a month which schools will get remodeled or replaced, but first it wants to hear the public’s opinion on plans.

The Eugene School District’s long range facility plan focuses on remodeling or rebuilding some of the oldest schools. While some schools were built in 2004, others date back to the 1960s.

In the plan, two middle schools would be renovated; Roosevelt Middle School would be rebuilt on its current site and new classrooms would be built at the Arts and Technology Academy Middle School.

Howard Elementary would also be replaced, being rebuilt behind the current school. The school currently has problems with drafty windows and gaps in between flooring.

“Underneath a lot of these doors there are gaps so beside heating problems we have pests, so we have mice that come in from time to time, especially during the cold weather. They’re looking for a place to go, so we’re having an issue with that right now,” said Allan Chinn, Howard Elementary Principal.

The plan also includes security upgrades at a number of the schools.

The school board wants the public’s opinion on the plan before any of it goes into motion. The board meeting is Wednesday at 7 p.m.

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