4J School District Approves New Budget

EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School District approved a budget Wednesday night for the next school year but now some parents are expressing concern.

Once the fall season rolls around, the school bells will start ringing and students filling the halls with excitement for the start of a new year but it seems parents and educators won’t be sharing the same enthusiasm.

“While we’re not happy about it, it’s the reality that we face,” said Tad Shannon, president of the Eugene Education Association.

One disappointment comes from news of a shortened school year.

“How do you get in all that you want to get in with the kids and build relationships and give them time to really learn and explore, really do a good job, have a good quality education when your year is so short?” said 4J parent Joy Marshall.

“It’s not good to cut nine days. We already have one of the shortest years. Oregon schools have short years because of the budget problems,” said Shannon.

The toughest part of the budget for some is realizing it comes with a number of layoffs and furlough days.

“The budget that was adopted is pretty limited we were having to look at cutting pretty deeply into staff but there have been some really positive changes that means some of those cuts won’t be necessary,” said Kerry Delf, Communications Coordinator for the 4J School District.

Although the district has issued 40 layoff notices, 4J expects some of those employees to return due to pending savings from PERS reforms and contract negotiations.

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