4J School Visitation Week

EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School District is offering more choices for students this year.

For the second year, the district’s allowing out-of-district students a chance to enroll in 4J.

School Visitation Week is this week, and families have the opportunity to see what 4J has to offer. 4J’s top opportunities include three language immersion elementary schools and a dual language, Spanish immersion school.

The district says it receives about 1,000 school choice requests each year.

“Last year we saw that some of students wanted to go to other school districts; but more students from other school districts wanted to come to 4J, so we did gain so students from that,” said Kerry Delf, 4J Communications Coordinator.

4J residents have priority for openings. Outside the district requests will then be determined by a lottery.

For in-district students, the lottery deadline is Mar. 22, and for out of districts students is April 1.

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