4J Selects Architects For New Schools

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene School Board awarded contracts Wednesday night for the district’s new school design projects.

The board affirmed committee work for 3 separate projects in response to the passing of a school bond levy.

Pivot Architecture and Portland based Dowa will design the new Howard and River Road Elementary Schools.

Rowell Brokaw from Eugene and Opsis in Portland will work on Jefferson/ATA Middle School.

Roberts and Sherwood Architects in partnership with Mahlum in Portland will design the new Roosevelt Middle School.

“We have to work with the school staff and the community to decide how the building is going to fit on the property what it’s going to look like on the inside,” said 4J Director of Facilities Manager, Jon Lauch. “We’ll actually program those facilities to see what kind of spaces we need and how many and how those spaces relate to one another.”

This is just the first phase. There’s a bid period, permit period and finally construction. Some work should start next summer.

Work on each school is staggered, meaning they’ll start and finish at different times.

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