4J Sets Land Aside for New YMCA

6-4 Roosevelt MiddleEUGENE, Ore. — While we don’t know the exact details of what a new Roosevelt Middle School may look like, it may be sitting right next to a new YMCA.

The 4J School Board approved a motion Wednesday night to set aside up to seven acres for Eugene Family YMCA to eventually buy.

Design plans of what the new school could look went up in front of the school board. The district will replace the Roosevelt Middle School on the property where it currently sits.

Architects explained their designs which included an open design that would add plenty of light. They also talked about their principles when coming up with a rendering.

“Community access, the idea of transparency throughout the school fostering socializing, it’s the idea of looping and circulation,” said LeRoy Landers with Mahlum Architects.

As part of the YMCA vote, the Y will have to submit an offer to the district, likely once the school design process is finished. The new YMCA would be built where the current Roosevelt sits. The school’s expected to be complete by September of 2016.

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