4J Students Get Late Start

EUGENE, Ore. — 4J students are among the few not returning to class this week. They don’t start going back until Tuesday, September 10th.

Administrators say the late start has no connection with the budget. They say the change is about balancing the number of days in each trimester, aligning the calendars with the higher education ones and avoiding having the first day of school conflict with the religious holiday Rosh Hashanah. But while the late start may not be financially driven, the eight days off of school are.

4J parent Megan Mcalpin says, “There are a lot of furlough days and I understand why that’s happening. Our schools are really under-funded, which is disappointing, but I understand that that’s where we’re at. We just try to supplement with reading and doing some of the things at home.”

Bethel District students will have six days off. The Springfield District did not get back to KEZI, but the website says there will be 172 days of school this year, which six more days than last year.

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