Supt. Suggests Selling Civic to City

civicEUGENE, Ore. — After months of speculation and proposals, the future of Eugene’s aging Civic Stadium may end up in the hands of the city.

4J’s superintendent made the recommendation Monday to sell the stadium to the city instead of the YMCA or Fred Meyer.

While this is just a recommendation, 4J Superintendent Sheldon Berman says he wants the district to sell the stadium to the city for a few reasons.

He says he saw the city’s offer as the best option because out of all the proposals, the sale to the city would go through the quickest since the city is planning on purchasing the stadium within nine months.

Berman says there are some added stipulations in his recommendation, which include provisions on the use of the property. He says if the city were to sell it to an outside company, 4J would be included in the process because it does not want certain types of businesses close to South Eugene High School.

The recommendation also says if the city were to sell the stadium, 4J would get a portion of the sale. Berman says the school district isn’t in the best financial situation right now, which is why it wants this sale to go through.

“Although the Fred Meyer offer has more funding, the Y has other benefits. We feel like this is a productive time to really resolve this quickly and move on,” Berman said.

This is just a recommendation. The school board will have the final say in who it will sell Civic Stadium to.

The school board will discuss the future of Civic Stadium Wednesday, Feb. 5 at its meeting. It will then make its decision on which bid to accept at its meeting on Feb. 19.


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  1. FD Ford says:

    This makes no sense. The city is determining which servicers to cut because they have a $3MM deficit, but they can afford to buy a wooden stadium that is falling down and serving no purpose.

    Let’s cut police, close libraries, close city hall and spend our money funding the homeless camps and a stadium that is well past it’s prime.

  2. quasimodo says:

    first off that property should be sold to the highest bidder period, the 4j superintendant needs to learn that property does not belong to him and he doesn’t get to choose who buys it and what they build there, the property belongs to the tax payers in the 4j school district period.

    secondly what kind of a corrupt city administration would fork over 3.5 million dollars on a piece of land when they are getting ready to cut city services because they don’t have the money to fund them?

    people of Eugene need to pull their heads out of the sand our appointed officials have no clue how to run a city or a business before any land is purchased fire police and schools should be fully funded, these morons we have running our city need fired and to lose their pensions for squandering out tax payments

  3. Kyle Stansfield says:

    Great move! Lane United FC!! This is going to be a great program for our kids in the area.

  4. Judy Davey says:

    That is nuts! The city should reallocate any funding they have to buy that site to needed services instead.
    4J should sell to the highest bidder…they need the money!

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