4J Takes Public Input on Civic Stadium

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EUGENE- Ore. — The 4J School Board met Wednesday to begin talking about the proposal process for the historic Civic Stadium. The public was also asked for its comments.

4J School Board Members met for a work session to discuss the proposal process. The proposal process should be completed by October.

So far we know of two interested parties, the YMCA and the Washington based Powell Development that wants to build a Fred Meyer shopping complex at the site. Powell and the YMCA were both in the mix about three years ago, the last time the district accepted requests for proposals for Civic Stadium.

When it came to public comment, residents expressed a number of views. There was everything from preserving the stadium, to giving the city a chance to work with the school board, to even hopes that a soccer team would buy it.

Even some of the area’s youngest residents had an opinion. “I am on the soccer team,” said one young Eugene resident. “Civic could also be used as extra space for practice and games.”

Another resident said, “There is a team from the United Soccer League in Eugene officially. They are looking for a stadium to call home for practices that begin in May.”

Another Eugene resident who said she had never spoken up about this issue yet said, “It would just break my heart to to see civic sold off outside of the community.”

Eugene City Councilor George Brown addressed the school board members saying, “We are going to explore ways for the City Council can collaborate with 4J for preservation, reuse and sports stakeholder groups.”

Another resident said, “The YMCA offer not only includes cash, but will teach third graders how to swim which is very very important.”

The 4J School Board says proposals will be due by December 3, with the hopes of selecting a proposal in February.


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  1. Linda Warner says:

    The district needs to sell the property to the YMCA. The City of Eugene needs more venues for our children and that’s what 4J should be concentrating on. We don’t need any more stores especially in that area. The stadium is in such poor condition (remodel would be horribly expensive) so it needs to go.

  2. Shopping center best fits Envision Eugene says:

    Envision Eugene calls for a compact, or 20-minute community. A shopping complex near the city center at the Civic site, will help Eugene achieve that goal.

    Residences in the South Eugene will be able to utilize the pending bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure improvements (bike lanes or widened sidewalks) on S. Willamette, and the hundreds of new residences in the downtown (Capstone and Core Campus) will all have a relatively central place to shop. Without a shopping center near the Civic location, residences will be need to travel further to shop, which will defeat one Envisions core goals.

    The luxury of a sports complex will not be enjoyed by everybody, however a shopping center is a necessity for everybody.

    The school district cannot afford to throw-out the $1.25 million more offered by Fred Myer, over the next competing bid. Recall the defeated City income tax measure try, solely to fund the schools.

    It is important to remain objective in making the decision that best fits Envision Eugene, benefits the most people, and yields the highest selling price with no strings attached.

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