4J to Change School Nurse Services

EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School District is changing its nursing services next year.

The district will close its four health centers at its high schools, but it will also hire seven more nurses. The district says next year each high school will have a school nurse. It says a nurse will also be assigned to serve each middle school and its two feeder elementary schools.  But to increase the number of nurses at schools, 4J will get rid of mental health programs.

“The district will not be continuing our mental health services in the district. We will be looking to work with our outside member agencies and providers to supply some of those services,” said Cheryl Linder, 4J Education Support Manager.

Currently, 4J has four health clinics at high schools that cover all the schools in the district. So if a student gets sick at an elementary school, the nurse drives over to check out them out.

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