4J Warns Teachers of More Cuts

EUGENE, Ore. — With a looming budget gap top of mind, the 4J School District warns that more cuts are on the way.

In a letter to faculty and staff, Superintendent Shelley Berman says his staff is considering cutting services and jobs.

The district’s facing an estimated $10 million budget shortfall.

That doesn’t include the unknown because of the sequestration. Those losses will likely include loss of funding for several programs, including special education and Head Start. The district’s planning to assume those costs.

The letter goes on to say that while nothing is final, the budget committee’s looking at proposals to eliminate central office library support, reconfigure technology support to schools and cut part of the professional development.

This is just an extension to what has been a very rough last couple of years for teachers.

“They’ve given up compensation, taken unpaid furlough days,” 4J Spokesperson Kerry Delf said. “We’ve seen cuts in the school year, cuts in programs… it’s been a very challenging time.”

The budget process will continue through June.

The school board placed a measure on the May ballot, which would provide a bit of relief if approved.

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  1. ahshucks says:

    Sorry no measure’s on May ballot will pass! You Lib Ta*rds have brought this upon yourself so I say live with it. Quit crying foul when you Dem’s don’t get your way. We have to many takers in this state. That’s right it’s a Welfare State.

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