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EUGENE, Ore. — The best-selling trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey is known for its erotic love story. Now a Eugene publication is putting its own spin on the title to promote a Eugene City Council race.

Betty Taylor is running against Juan Carlos Valle in the Ward 2 race. Eugene Weekly chose the headline “Fifty Shades of Betty” to cover the story.

“It’s pop culture. It’s–everybody is talking about fifty shades of whatever, so we thought, oh let’s have some fun with it,” said Ted Taylor, Eugene Weekly Editor.

Ted Taylor says he came up with the title and actually wanted to call the article “Fifty Shades of Grey”, showing that age doesn’t slow you down. If you don’t know, Fifty Shades of Grey is an erotic novel. The editor says he doesn’t think this crossed the line, maybe just pushing the line a little.

KEZI called Councilwoman Taylor, who had seen the cover but didn’t know about the books and didn’t really seem to take offense. She says she was pleased with the article.

KEZI also asked one resident picking up his copy Thursday what he thought.

“She’s a hometown hero so any title they want to give her it just only enhances her frankly,” said resident Scott Bartlett.

Betty Taylor’s opponent, Valle, however, told KEZI it seemed a little inappropriate but that if Betty was fine with it, that’s what mattered. And he says he’s looking forward to getting to the issues. You can catch the two canddiates in a forum Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Washington Park Recreation Center.


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  1. Justin Cox says:

    Scott Bartlett is Councilor Taylor’s single largest donor. He has given her $2,250, more than 10% of the money she has raised. Your story suggests you happened upon him picking up the Weekly giving him unwarranted credibility as an average voter, and fails to note his unparalleled bias towards Taylor.

    Secretary of State contribution report: https://secure.sos.state.or.us/orestar/gotoPublicTransactionDetail.do?tranRsn=1386485

  2. jason marks says:

    put her out to pasture… its time for new thinking… yes, thinking, that would be a great change.

  3. Angela Roelle says:

    “Another pledge opponent, Councilwoman Betty Taylor compared saying the Pledge of Allegiance to reading from ‘The Communist Manifesto.’”

    It’s time to let our ‘leaders’ know that they are not leading well. She should retire, and allow someone who didn’t make national news for Eugene with this statement.

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