50 Years of KEZI 9 News: 1996

As KEZI celebrates 50 years on the air, we take a trip back in time to Mapleton, 1996, courtesy of reporter Doug Barber.

Elvin Huntington was just one of 30,000 residents displaced by the floods of ’96.

Heavy rains in January of that year saturated the ground. That was followed by a blizzard that padded the region’s snowpacks, and a deep freeze that lasted over a week.

Then the weather warmed up, and it rained again.

The rivers quickly filled up, and the flooding spread east to the cascades and west to the coast.

The disaster was directly responsible for eight deaths in Oregon and over half a billion dollars in property damage.


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  1. gigi says:

    How would i go about getting a copy of special on fitness and womens boxing i did in 1996 my husband at the time and i owned Hard Knox boxing club. I appreciate any help! Thank you

    1. KEZI Staff says:

      Call our receptionist at 541-485-5611. She handles dub requests.

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