50 Years of KEZI 9 News: Saluting Our Vietnam Vets

December 13, 2010

By Rick Douglas

EUGENE, Ore. — The year 1973 marked the signing of the Paris Peace Accords and the end of US involvement in Vietnam.

Up until that time, it was America’s longest war — and also its most divisive.

But for the many who served in Vietnam, the war never really ended.

Vietnam vets struggled more than those from previous conflicts largely because they had fought in a very unpopular war. So we owe them — and other vets — our un-dying gratitude.

As we look back at 50 years of KEZI Nine News, this is a story that was inspired by the year 1973 and the many Veterans Days that have happened since.

Though the Vietnam War ended in 1973, there were still about 7,000 Americans stationed in Saigon.

When that city fell to the North Vietnamese in April, 1975, President Ford ordered their evacuation by helicopter.

The pre-arranged signal for the evacuation was the holiday classic, “White Christmas.”

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