500-Mile Walk Fundraiser a Success

CRESWELL, Ore. — A Creswell man on a journey to help fund important services in his community is back in town after walking to California.

Jurgen Ramil, 67, just returned from walking 504 miles from Creswell to Crescent City. He took on this challenge as a way to raise money for the Creswell Children’s Book Fund, the library fund and the food pantry.

He says the journey was a lot harder than he thought it would be.

Ramil slept outside underneath the trees for most of the journey. At one point he hit a pretty bad thunderstorm, not to mention he had trouble keeping his cell phone charged, so he was out of touch with people at times.

After about 18 days, he reached Crescent City, California. He says his motivation to keep going were the kids and families he knew would be helped by his fundraising.

“It was showing other people that if they got free time they should be able to give something back to their community, whatever they can do, volunteering, or donating, whatever their capabilities is. We need to bond together here,” Ramil said.

The big question was how much money was raised. Ramil says $4,000 so far, but people have been hearing about his journey and continue to donate. He says there was one nice man along the way who offered him a place to stay along his journey.

If you still want to help Ramil, click here for more information.

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