55th Bohemia Mining Days Wraps Up

7-20 bohemia mining daysCOTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — The 55th Annual Bohemia Mining Days came to a close Sunday in Cottage Grove.

The free event kicked off Thursday, drawing thousands of people. Those who came out enjoyed live entertainment and food, and they also got to shop around to different vendors.

Organizers say they enjoyed meeting the many community members who came out, and they hope people appreciate the simplicity of Bohemia Mining Days.

“I think the greatest thing about Bohemia Mining days is it takes us back to an appreciation of a time when people were together more and were able to come together to make things happen. There’s a lot of detachment that we experience in the day-to-day, especially in this culture,” says Executive Director Kristen Carpenter.

Organizers say they are excited to start planning for the 56th Annual Bohemia Mining Days.

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