Eugene Police Serve Search Warrant

EUGENE, Ore. — Some Eugene residents got a loud wake-up call when police served a warrant at a nearby home.

The traffic is flowing freely along Chambers Street now, but that was not the case Friday morning. Eugene police officers were keeping people and cars off the road from 10th to Broadway while they served a search warrant at a home. Police say the warrant was brought about by an ongoing investigation.

SWAT and the EPD bomb squad were also on scene. EPD says the warrant was regarding suspected explosives and weapon charges. While trying to get the residents out, officers ended up shattering all the windows.

“I heard a loud boom, and so I opened my window and looked outside and I saw the SWAT team out here, and then I realized the road was blocked off because of all the traffic, and so I just watched and heard the police saying any occupants at 945 come out with your hands up,” said neighbor Paula.

Police say no one was injured. Three men and one woman are facing charges. They include unlawful possession of meth, heroin and marijuana. KEZI 9 News was told one of the men is facing a single charge of possession of a silencer. The investigation is ongoing.

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