Fast Food and Minimum Wage

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Fast food workers across America protested on Thursday in favor of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Although nobody in Eugene was protesting, plenty of customers and workers had opinions on the subject.

One McDonalds customer thought the workers make an appropriate amount for their job, “if you’re working at a fast food restaurant, either you aren’t looking hard enough for a job or you obviously haven’t gone to college or haven’t finished high school and that’s why you work at a fast food restaurant and that’s why you get minimum wage.”

Another customer thought that the rising cost of education keeps fast food workers from getting ahead, “First of all a lot of education costs money and that might not be something that they have available to them. But secondly I think that even people without much education deserve to make a living wage if they’re putting in time and working hard no matter what that is.” He also thought that because of high unemployment many workers would fear losing their job if they openly protested.

Oregon’s minimum wage is currently $8.95 but it will rise to $9.10 on Jan. 1

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  1. Jamie says:

    This is ridiculous because others didnt do anything with their lives and are stuck in fast food they want a raise. I work in the healthcare field and dont make anything close to that. Fast food was meant for high school kids working thru college not meant for a career people need to grow .

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